Some images not making it from Airtable to Webflow

Hi everyone, I have a flow sending multiple images from Airtable to Webflow and the flow works just fine but I have recently discovered that some images don’t make it over

I suspect that its happening with large images only…is this a thing?.. that images of a certain size don’t get transferred over.

I don’t get an error message or anything. The flow runs successfully and then I just don’t have certain images on the webflow end.

Any ideas how i can sort this?

Hi @Michelle_Chimuka :wave:

Happy to help troubleshoot! I’m not sure if this is related to image size, especially if you’re not receiving any errors when sending those images to Webflow. It’s certainly worth double-checking though.

Are there any images larger than 4MB?

Alternatively, If you’re trying to update photos of your collection items by using a Combine tables step, there may be some instances where the Webflow Id does not match the Webflow Id stored in Airtable.

Let us know if you’re able to share a link to your flow and we can further investigate. Feel free to email us at if that’s easier!