Airtable Add-Update Logic

Thanks for all the discussion regarding Airtable integrations. I’ve looked at most, including Airtable API Export Help - Update or Post New - #3 by Josh_Cykiert. However, I cannot resolve my issue.

Flow of events:

  • data feed from CSV that has date, customerid, text and TimeOnTask (seconds), status → create a Unique key based on data feed. This feed has new OR updated entires. Key is date|customerid|status|project
  • get similar feed from Airtable for existing entries → create a Unique key as above.
  • filter matches from CSV based on Unique Key. This will leave new entries from CSV or entries where status or TimeOnTask might have changed.


I now have a nice Overlap data set that contains a mixture of update and insert records. See attached. I need If/Then logic to either a) if date stamp of Unmatched is <= last RunTime of job, then update; or b) some other brilliant plan based on this community.

I don’t see a Parabola transform at a row-level to see if date <= Update to Airtable, Else Add to Airtable. The current result are duplicate rows going into Airtable.

Hey @Peter_Buck!

Thanks for writing in with this question!

After your If/Else step, you’ll want to create two separate Filter Rows step: one to identify records that needs to be updated to Airtable, and the other that identifies records that need to be created. These two branches will then send off to two separate Airtables step, one that’ll update records and another that’ll insert new records. Here’s a snippet of what that might look like:

Let us know if you have any questions when getting this set up!


I must be missing something, since the If/Then logic you offer does not have the features necessary. The graphic below shows the Parabola gaps that I must be missing how to solve and this link has the detailed problems: Mem

I hope to hear back shortly to help evaluate my approach.

Hey @Peter_Buck , thanks for the diagram of the logic you’re setting up in Parabola! Here are some notes from us:

  • Compare Dates: The compare dates step should be able to compare the date values between two columns. In case you’re not seeing this occur, it’ll be helpful if you could send us the Flow’s URL Link so we can help troubleshoot the issue, or submit a ticket on your behalf so the issue can be addressed.
  • Find Overlap: Our Find overlap step will need two tables inputted to confirm if there is an overlap. You can set up the match criteria to Keep rows if CSV does not have a Matching ID, create new records. And in another branch, to Keep rows if the CSV has a matching ID, which will update records
  • Parabola update/create status: I’ve gone ahead and submitted a feature request regarding this! It would be great if we could return the success/fail status of these records.
  • Email Alerts: in case you’d like to receive email status updates on ALL runs (not just failures) you will be able to do so by updating it in the Flow’s settings!

Hope that helps! Thanks,