What are team accounts?

When you sign up for Parabola, you will either join as part of an organization following an invite from an existing user, or you will be prompted to Create an Organization, a new team of which you will be the first member.

To add teammates to your organization, got to the Team page and click the Add Teammate button in the upper right. If the new teammate does not have a Parabola account, they will receive an email that prompts them to sign up as part of your organization. If they already have a Parabola account, reach out to us and we can help add their account to your team.

When adding a new teammate, you will need to decide if they should be a member (full access except billing) or an admin (full access plus billing). You can always update permissions later. There is no limit to the number of users who can be added to your team.

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Hi Sachi,

I have a somewhat related question.
I first signed up with my own business email address, paying for it myself, but soon I started using it for one of my customers primarily, so we decided to change my account to them.
I have an email address at their company and changed that for the login, and that works perfect, also the credit card details are updated so their card is being charged in stead of mine.
Only the invoice is still being send to my company, so I forwarded it to them, but I see I cannot change the billing email address, I think you might be able to help me with that.

could you adjust that? Do you need more information?

Thank you in advance!


Hey Sabrina - Ah, yes. We don’t have a way for you to update the billing email address on your side yet. I just made the update on my end. The new invoicing email you provided will start getting the billing emails. (I’m also going to go ahead and remove the email addresses you provided in your original message.) Let me know if I can help with anything else!

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Perfect, thank you so much!
Thank you for removing the email addresses from my message, you were one step ahead of me, I love it when people are that hands-on! :heart:

Have a nice rest of the day!