Turn ($2500.00) to -$2500.00

Im having problems formatting numbers.
Negative numbers are showing inside of Parenthesis. i.e.:

I want my negative numbers to show up as such

I tried using the FORMAT NUMBERS tool and used the CURRENCY option but it turns my negative values to ZERO. I also tried the other options available and negative values turn to ZERO.

Please help!

Hey @Fernando_Pineda :wave:

Sorry to hear that the ‘Format Numbers’ step didn’t work out for you here – sounds like our number parser does not handle parenthesis to represent negatives.

That said, a quick ‘Find and Replace’ step should do the trick! Feel free to paste this snippet into your flow and then select the column(s) that contains the negative values.

Here is the snippet: parabola:cb:db948ff0a222473d85fb8de9809a0ac9

Let me know how it goes!

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