Storing API status response

Is there a way to store the status code as a new column from a Send to API node? I would want to store that as a new column and send the failed ones, across to an gsheet so I can process these rows manually.

Hello @Himanshu_Sikaria,

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to do this yet (a column of status codes from the step Send to an API's responses). If you’d like, there’s a related feature request to upvote on to show support for this: API ERROR HANDLING - (Source, Transform, Export)

Our product team uses these requests to determine what to build next, so that the community can help shape Parabola.

Feel free to reach out if there are any other questions we can assist you with. Please see below if you’d like an explanation for why this isn’t possible yet:

Once a flow starts running, it can’t skip a row that fails when it hits the API server. Either all rows succeed, or the flow pauses once a row causes an error. There are exceptions where rows will export before hitting one, yet then it pauses once it hits one so you can correct it. We’re working on addressing this but this won’t be available in the near future. Thanks for your understanding!