Include the problematic JSON in flow failure error message when JSON is invalid

Hi all,

In several flows I have an export step where I’m sending thousands of rows of JSON to an API endpoint.

In the same way that HTTP status code errors include the sent request in the failed export step, it’d be really helpful to see the JSON that was sent that caused the invalid JSON error.

I’m wondering if the invalid JSON message is thrown by the Parabola API step itself, whereas the HTTP status code errors are actual responses from the API, and if so, would letting the HTTP status code throw an error from the invalid JSON address this?

How I handle this now:
It seems that sometimes when there’s an error, I can figure out which row was a problem by checking how many rows were successfully exported to the API endpoint and then going back into the flow, adding a row number step and figuring out the last successfully sent row but 1.) this doesn’t always work - right now my error is saying the API export step didn’t even export 1 row but the first row’s JSON is valid (and on the receiving end of the endpoint it looks like stuff was created, ie, JSON was valid) and 2.) when this does work it’s still tedious and extra steps that aren’t contributing to the flow’s function.

Hey @Brian_Dawson :wave:

Wanted to share the good news! We just released new JSON error handling functionality. Feel free to check out this post for the full announcement.