Split these datatypes into 'name' & 'RechtsInfo'

Hi all,

Currently it looks like this:

You can see it says NAME = BOUWJAAR and RECHTSINFO = 1930.

However, these are currently all in the columns LINKSINFO as you can see.

And I’d like to have a separate column with NAME and then another column as well RECHTSINFO.

How do I do this in parabola?

Thanks all!

Hi @Olivier_Coolen

Welcome to the Parabola community :wave:

Try using the Expand JSON step after pulling in your data from ParseHub. That step will automatically parse the data in your LinkseInfocolumn into new columns and rows.

Your name and RechtseInfo keys from your JSON blob will become the column headers. The values associated with those keys will become cell values.

Hope that helps!

Awesome, thanks for the great help! :slight_smile: