Some of the Partially Refunds order are not reflected

Hi there,

I would like to pull the REFUND orders which include “PARTIALLY REFUND” but some of the partially refund orders are not shown.

my setting is this.

I tried to change the financial status is “Partially refund” but there was no change in the data.
is there any way I can solve this issue?


Hey @Akiko,

Thanks for pointing this out. This is definitely a bit odd.

Did you issue any refunds for those orders within the past seven days? If you set the financial status to any, does that order appear in your table? You may need to increase the date range, but I’m curious to know what the value of the Financial Status is.

It may be easier to take a look at your flow directly. Feel free to email us at with a link to your flow as well as any information about the orders that are not showing up.