Shopify API Issue: Tracking Data exchange sending separate shipping notifications to customers for each line item

When I send tracking information to Shopify via API it sends a shipping confirmation email for every single line item of each order. The default value for “notify_customer” is true on a line item basis. If I set it to false the customer is not notified that the order has been shipped and is not provided with shipping data. If it is set to true, the customer is receiving shipping notifications for each line item.

I need to update the tracking info for each line item, but I only want one notification going out to the customer per fulfillment.

Any suggestions on how I can achieve this? Right now I am trying to filter for it, but it is fulfilling the full order and my test data has a backorder situation that I want to see reflected in the dataset.

Hey Colleen

It seems like the email settings will need to be configured on Shopify’s end! I found this community thread which might be helpful in getting that configured. The partial order option is what you’ll likely want to set up in your Shopify store.

Hope that helps!

It turns out that the data needs to be pulled together in a flow first and sent in an aggregated format. Thanks Ayana