Sending offline conversions from Airtable to Google Ads

Hi, i was wondering if Parabola is able to help me with the following automations

I need to send offline conversions from my CRM “Airtable” to my Google Ads account, so i can follow the ROI.

Thank you in advance. Zapier has a big issue and confirms me that they cannot do anything in order to fix that… so i’m looking for other solutions. Integromat doesn’t have for the moment google ads automations

Hey @loungeclaus :wave:

Pulling the data from Airtable will hopefully be the easy part using our “Pull from Airtable” step.

Sending the data to Google Ads will be a bit more complex, though it does seem like something we should be able to handle (I can’t 100% confirm as we haven’t come across this specific use case!).

I recommend checking out Google Ads’ guide for authorizing the integration (which you can do using our “Pull from API” step), in addition to our Parabola-specific authentication guide for Google services.

Once your “Send to API” step is authorized, you can start forming your POST request to actually push your data to Google Ads.

Best of luck building this out! Let us know if you have any questions along the way.