See Log Details for Intermittent Errors / Hourly Triggers At Other Than :00

I have recurring hourly flows that are producing intermittent errors when I look at the flow history. However, the log only says “click on link to see error in editor” but there is no error in editor as the flow ran fine several times after the failed one. How can I get details on historical errors like this?

Because I have four flows running hourly (at :00) I suspect, based on information on one of the flows I checked yesterday, that the error involves “too many connections” to a source database as all four flows need the same information and are initiating at the same time. Are there options to stagger hourly flows so they are not at :00 by default? For instance, I’d ideally like one to run hourly but at :05 after the hour or some other minute besides :00.

Hi @Kenton_Phillips

Thanks for reaching out. Happy to offer a bit of clarification around log details and custom scheduling triggers!

Once an error has been resolved by subsequent flow runs, there is no way to view the error in the Editor. Instead, head to your Live view and click the “+” icon next to each failed run in your Run History. Any error messages that were displayed in the editor should be logged there as well.

For custom scheduling triggers, send us an email at with a link to your flows and your desired hourly start time. We can certainly help configure triggers starting 5 minutes after each hour.