Pull Data From Shopify Order Lines doesn't include payment reference field

Hi all. Just wondering if anyone can tell me how I get the “payment reference” field in the pull data from Shopify order lines option.

This is a field that comes through when doing a standard shopify export of orders and usually has a value like “c17926166970547.1” which we use when matching transactions on our Paypal feed.

I dont seem to be able to get this field in the pull from shopify flow.

Any thoughts.

Hey @David_Hawkins!

There doesn’t seem to be a field called Payment Reference that can easily be retrieved using our Pull from Shopify step. I do know that field does exist when exporting your orders, so we’ll have to find a workaround.

When you import your orders, select include all columns. There should be a column called Order: Checkout Id. Does that match the value you’re looking for? It likely won’t include the c or .1.

You can also pull in your orders to get the Order: Id and use the Enrich with an API step and insert those values into your URL using the column name and curly brackets. This will target the transaction endpoint.

https://shop-name.myshopify.com/admin/orders/{Order: Id}/transactions.json

You’ll need to generate an API key by creating a new private app. Insert those in the Authentication fields and select Show Updated Results. You can then set transactions as the Top Level Key.

We can use the Expand JSON step to flatten the receipt column. Once that’s been flattened you can select receipt > charges > data to be expanded into new rows.

You should now have a column called receipt.charges.data.metadata.order_id.

Hopefully, that’s the value you’re looking for!

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Thanks Daniel. We are working through our options.