Potential incorrect label in the "Explore Steps" list

Hi team,

First off, I am loving Parabola so far!

Just wanted to alert you to a potentially incorrect label in the ‘Builder | Parabola’ page of the tool (https://parabola.io/app/flow/12345/builder).

On the right side, under the header ‘Clean and Format Data’ it says ‘Format dates, establish date ranges.’ However, this appears to be the label for the ‘Date and Time Header’ instead. I believe a more accurate label needs to be written here.

Super minor. Just wanted to make sure you were aware (And apologies if I’m wrong about this).


@John_Doe – thank you so much for flagging! I’ll make sure to get this in front of our team and get it fixed – you are certainly right this is a mistake.

And so glad to hear you’re loving Parabola! Let us know if we can help with anything :slight_smile: Happy building!!

@John_Doe this label should be fixed now, thanks for bringing it to our attention!