Post empty (null) dates to bubble

Posting data to Bubble, not every record has a date in a date-type field. Leaving blank or finding and replacing with null returns errors like: "Expected a date, but got a string (original data: "null") ".

I feel like the fix is simple, but it has been escaping me.

Hi @Marcel- Happy to help! You could use 2 Filter rows steps to create two branches in your Flow. One branch would keep all rows that contain a date (set the step to remove rows where date is “null”) and the other branch would keep all rows that have “null” listed as the date.

From there, you could send the rows with the date to Bubble as you normally would. You could then send the second branch to Bubble without including that date field.

I hope that helps but let us know if you have any questions!

Yes, thank you! I was hoping to avoid branching like that, for no good reason other than reducing steps in a flow. But this will likely be the step moving forward.