Parabola Pricing Update

Exactly the same here. 10x the price for … what?

This is so disappointing and frustrating. I built my flows to run on a monthly schedule and in the process found multiple bugs that I pointed out to the Parabola team with pulling data from Google analytics.

I had about 13 flows running monthly on the free tier (Zero cost to me), now I see I have a $65 dollar charge from new pricing after never receiving any emails about pricing changes.

Let me be clear - I am happy to pay a fair price for the flows I am running as they are very helpful to me and my team, but to go from paying zero to $80 which, based on what that pricing tier allows, would mean a massive change in how often I can run my flows. I’ve had an email from the support team offering me a 50% discount for one year but what about after that? I don’t see any choice right now but to move to another service with a more appropriate pricing structure. Feels like a bait and switch.

Hi Matthew!

Thanks for your feedback. I just sent you an email to follow up. Also, we’re not automatically charging customers for new plans, and will not force customers into the new tiers either. Your credit plan will continue to work. The $65 on your account appears to be a separate situation, but feel free to reply to my email and we can discuss more.

Just to be clear - you’re sticking with these price changes?

That is correct, Greg! If there are any further updates to our pricing we will be sure to post in the Community.