Parabola does not recognize numeric data as numeric

Hi Team,

I am getting an error for a column in a CSV file with numeric value, that for some reason is not recognized as numeric value. I Have tried changing the CSV file, but nothing I tried helped so far.

Error: image

Column it does not recognize as numeric: image

anyone know why this happens and how I can solve it?

Thank you!

Hey @Sabrina_Dekkers – let me see if there’s a better way to solve for this, but for now: add in a Find and replace step that replaces commas with periods. Parabola will then be able to recognize those as numeric and then you can switch them back after.

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Thank you!
I will try this. I also noticed after saving the CSV as excel with the column changed to numeric it was solved, but excel has other problems like some characters are messed up, so this might be the best solution for this moment.

Thank you again and keep up the good work, Parabola is so, so awesome!


Thanks @Sabrina_Dekkers :slight_smile: That means a lot! Let us know how else we can help.