Opposite of a join function?

Hi! I’m looking to create a super basic flow that checks two databases against each other and finds records that exist in one but not the other.

My primary database is a Webflow collection and the secondary one is an Airtable table.

I want to check for records that exist in Webflow, but not Airtable and then add those records to Airtable. I started attempting this with a join, but the output is shared records, rather than differences.

How can I accomplish this?

Hi @Max_Joles - I think the Join step will still work for this.

If your primary database is Webflow, when you Join, you should see some rows where the id column from Airtable is blank (no record ID).

You can add a Row Filter step after the Join step to filter for the rows with blank Airtable ids. Those are the new Webflow connections that you want to export to Airtable.

Let me know if that works!