New "find flow" hotkey in builder


We have introduced a new hotkey to the flow builder that makes it easier to find your flow when lost. Pressing the f key will now snap your canvas to the uppermost left step in your flow:

While we are here, below you can find a summary of all the hotkeys currently implemented in the builder:

Step shortcuts

  • d: Duplicate the selected step(s)
  • delete/backspace: Delete the selected step(s)
  • space: Open the selected step’s settings and results
  • shift/command: Hold to select many steps (click them)
  • shift + click and drag: Select multiple steps in a bounding box
  • right click: Add a card
  • arrow keys: Move the selected step(s) along the grid
  • escape: Exit the selected step’s settings and results
  • f: Find your way home - pans the canvas to a nearby step

Step search shortcuts

  • s: Start typing in the search bar
  • escape: Clear the search bar
  • up / down arrow keys: Highlight the step above or below
  • enter: Add the highlighted step

Hope this makes life a bit easier. Happy building!