Need help repeating and filling down more than 1 user

Hey guys,
What is the best approach to alternating a set down a bigger set? Also, this seems a bit too public, is there a private option for this help?

Hey Evan!

A good way to deal with the privacy issue is to just use a dummy data set that has the same structure as your data.

Let’s say you have table 1, and it has rows 1,2,3 and 4. And you have table 2, which has a row for Brian and a row for Evan.

Table 1

Table 2

If I am understanding your question, then you want to generate a table like this:

Brian -- 1
Evan --- 1
Brian -- 2
Evan --- 2
Brian -- 3
Evan --- 3
Brian -- 4
Evan --- 4

Is that correct?

Thanks for the reply.

table 1 and 2 are accurate.

Result tho needs to be.
Brian 1
Evan 2
Brian 3
Evan 4
etc… for all

Ah okay! So even and odd.

In your table with the two names, add a new column using an If Else that sets one name/row to 1 and 0.

In the other table, you will use two steps to “tag” each row as either a 1 or a 0.

You can paste those steps from this snippet: parabola:cb:6aa08e179069497a91f022595988fbe5

Just paste that onto a blank portion of your canvas.

The first step is a Row Numbers step, and the second is a math step using this formula: {Row Number}%2 which will return 0 and 1 alternating.

Now, you can use a Join step to attach your names to your data!

the number of users can increase.

so in 1 case
Evan 1
Brian 2
Evan 3
Brian 4

Evan 1
Burair 2
Brian 3
Evan 4

Okay here is the generic version!


Pop that down into your flow. It looks like this:

The table of names is in the bottom CSV and the data you want to add the names to is in the top CSV.

The general outline is:

  1. Find out how many names there are
  2. Join that number to every row in the main data set
  3. Use the same modulo operation (with some added stuff) to create a pattern of values
  4. Add those values to the name dat with a Row Number steps
  5. Join the data to create the final table.

The crux of this flow is in the Math step:


This was beautiful and worked like a charm. Thank you Brian!