JSON syntax error

Keep getting this error. I’ve tried making changes as other people have had similar issues, but none have worked. Can anyone help please? Thank you for your help.

Hi @Jose_Sanchez, Welcome to Parabola’s Community

It looks like your results are showing on the error module in your screenshot- could you try pasting the JSON into a json linter tool to see if they can help isolate the issue? We recommend using tools such as JSONLint.com to help identify where the problem may be.

You can also try using the Clean Data step, and setting it to clean your data to “Use as JSON” so it can remove any unwanted characters in your data.


thank you for the help. I had already used the jsonlint.com and it told me I had a valid json. I had used the clean data step, but had the wrong settings. Once I corrected it, it worked. Thank you.