Introducing: Standardize with AI!

Hey all!

We’ve added a new member to the Parabola AI family. Introducing: Standardize with AI!

Use the Standardize step to clean up messy, error-prone data. This step uses examples that you provide to either rename columns, or standardize a column of values.

For example:

  • Clean a table where the names of columns are not always consistent, such as packing lists from multiple vendors. Convert columns with names like “Product ID,” “sku,” and “Style” into “SKU”
  • Take a list of clothing items with inconsistent size names and standardize those names. Convert sizes with names like “Med,” “M,” and “mdium” into “Medium”
  • Correct words that are misspelled, contain errant spaces, or have undesirable casing.

We hope you leverage this step and our other AI steps (categorize, extract, and experiment) to automate even more and build better Flows.