Import array from Airtable into Webflow as multi-reference fields — best practice?

Hi everyone, I figured out how to pass Airtable array data into Webflow as multi-reference fields quite easily. However, I had to manually replace array value (e.g. Apple) with item ID in Airtable (e.g. 5ffqfeewgf). I set up the replacement rule completely manually — so I’m wondering if there’s a better way to automate this.

My first reaction was using join, but I’m not sure how to join on array fields exactly. Any tips on this?

Hey Austin! You’re on the right track to think about using the Join step for this.

To clarify, are the Item IDs in Webflow or Airtable? Either way, you’ll want to import that data mapping into your flow.

Then, to accomplish the Join, you’ll need to use a few steps to split up the array into separate rows, then Join, then merge everything back together:

  1. Use the Column Split step and split up the column containing the array. Make sure you Split Into Rows and not Columns
  2. Then use the Join step to join the item ID up with the array value. Make sure to keep your Airtable import as the Primary Table.
  3. Then use the Dedupe step to merge the separated rows back together. This should create a single cell of comma-separated item IDs.

Let me know how that goes!

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