How to extract data from another Api

I want to extract data from another api, but when I follow the steps of the api enrichment it gives me error

In this case I want to get the info from the movies which are on the column movir_name_titulo_original. To get the info for every movie I have to enter in the link and add at the end “t=name of the movie” and then the website should give to me this info:


I got two different errors

Hey Alex,

I am thinking that perhaps the rows that have no value for that column could be causing your errors. What if you use a Row Filter and only keep rows that are not blank in the movie title column - do you still get that error?


yes, I tried without blank spaces and I still get error

Which error do you get without any blanks?

Hi Brian, I get this error

I think that means that specific movie title that was sent could not be found. Are you expecting some titles to not be found?

Yes, that may happen

Hmmm that may block this use case then. If any of your API calls come back as a 404, that step is going to stop and throw that error. You would need an API call that is guaranteed to bring back a response that is not an error.

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Ok, I understand I should look for another Api, as that Api give me this when they don’t find a movie


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