How do find common keywords

I have a list of product titles (rows) I want to analyze. Is there a way to find common keywords between these rows?

Here is an example
Row 1: iPhone XS Cover
Row 2: Cover for iPhone S
Row 3: Android Mobile Phone Cover

Is there a way I can find most common keywords among all rows? In this case result would be Cover - Count 3, iPhone - Count 2

Hey Saad!

How many rows do you have? If its not too many, you can use a Column Split, set to split into new ROWS, and set the delimiter to a space.

That will make 1 row per word.

Then you can use the Count Values to count the column of words, and it should give you a count of each word present!

But if you have a lot of rows to start, it will quickly become too many rows.

Brian, I just tried it and it works like it should but I’m not getting the results I was hoping for. I’m trying to analyze Product Titles on multiple stores and find products which are on multiple stores. When I break each product title in to multiple words, the data is gibberish at best. Is there any way to process this to find keywords instead of just words?

Hi saad - Brian may have a better answer since I’m just a Parabola user, but I wanted to make sure you are aware of the concept of “n-gram” analysis as it can be helpful when it comes to grouping words together for analysis.

I briefly searched and found this API endpoint which you may be able to use to turn your strings (e.g. “Android Mobile Phone Cover”) into n-grams (e.g. “Android Mobile”, “Mobile Phone”, “Phone Cover”, etc.) which you could then potentially use a similar process as Brian outlined to find the n-grams with the highest count.

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