Google Analytics gets new presets, date options, column names, and more!

A few awesome improvements to the Pull from Google Analytics step are live! Shout out to @Jamie_Kent for building these in.

  1. It’s now even easier to pull in preset and custom reports based on whatever metrics/dimensions you care about. We’ve loaded in 40+ presets to match the reports you’re used to seeing in Google Analytics and help you get up and running quickly.

  2. Goal conversion data is more accurate :tada:

  3. The date selector is so much better. Absolute dates, relative dates, day/week/month/year to date, as well as offsets for comparisons.
    Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 12.07.52 PM

  4. Metrics & dimensions now use more recognizable names. On top of that, all possible metrics and dimensions are available to pull in.

Even more on the horizon! :dancer: Would love to hear any and all feedback on this update, as always.