Ctrl + z for undo/redo

I often find that I move, delete, or disconnect a step on accident. There’s a moment of palpable fear as I try to remember what it looked like before I slipped up. Please add undo/redo as a keyboard shortcut and save my sanity!

Definitely needs to be an easier way to undo things! I’m frequently trying a new step, and then deciding it’s not the one, but then I have to delete it and reconnect things.

And then of course when I actually mess something up, I really want to be able to undo!


Totally agree. It is horrible not to have an undo. I make copies all of the time just in case I mess up.


I’d love a quick “undo” feature as well.


Hi folks! I’m thrilled to say that we’ve just launched this capability: It's okay to make mistakes! Announcing undo/redo

Happy building!!