Count workdays between 2 dates

Is there some way to count the working days between 2 dates? I know there is compare dates but it’s pretty basic.

In excel there is a function “NETWORKDAYS” is there someway to achieve this in Parabola?

Hey @babak_sanayei,

Check out this Loom video I made:

Instead of creating the logic and calculating the number of working days in Parabola, we can send the date range along with the =NETWORKDAYS(A2,B2) function to Google Sheets for processing.

Once that value is generated by Google Sheets, you can pull that value into your flow.

Definitely agree that it would be helpful to do this natively in Parabola. Let me know if this helps!

Thanks Daniel i’ll give it a shot…

Another side thought / feature request would be interesting if you could trigger cards internally in a flow so you could do it in one flow instead of 3…

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be sure to pass it along to the rest of the team!

Sequencing can be tricky to avoid inevitable race conditions, but I agree—a feature to consolidate flows and set timing would be helpful.