Connect to the Notion API with pre-configured steps

Hi everyone :wave: as you might have heard, Notion’s API is now in public beta!

We wanted to make it easy for you to explore this new API, and so we are sharing pre-configured API steps for their endpoints. Included in the recipe below are API steps for:

Get requests

  • List Databases & Users
  • Retrieve a Database, User, & Page (Properties and Block Children)

Post Requests

  • Query Databases
  • Create a Page, a Page within a Page, & a Page within a Database
  • Search for Pages & Databases

We will continue to improve these steps based on your feedback, so feel free to share comments below!

Here is a link to the recipe; clicking this link will create a new flow in your account with the above cards on the canvas:

Enjoy exploring the new API, and let us know your thoughts on configuration cards!