Asana carriage return in text field?

Is there a way to insert a carriage return in a text field?
I’m trying to submit multiple lines of text to the description field in Asana.

Hi @Alderik_Manuputty,

This will depend case-by-case on the functionality supported by the specific API. For Asana, referencing their Rich Text API Docs, it does not sound like they support inserting a carriage return:

The web product offers a number of rich formatting features when writing task notes, comments, project descriptions, and project status updates. These features include bold, italic, underlined, and monospaced text, as well as bulleted and numbered lists. Additionally, users can “@-mention” other users, tasks, projects, and many other objects within Asana to create links.

They also mention that you can monitor this post in their Developer community for updates on rich text functionality.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Thank you Adam. Your answer pointed me in the right direction, so instead of trying to insert a carriage return in to an Asana “notes” field, I use an unsorted list in an Asana “html_notes” field (Line breaks and paragraph tags are not supported by the Asana “html_notes” field).

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