Using VideoAsk API


I am wondering if anyone has tried using the VideoAsk API to create questions. I have a list of questions in GoogleSheets and would like to make them into VideoAsk “forms”.

I tried reading their documentation but I’m having trouble setting it up (


Hello @Ilias_Ettayebi!

After some testing in both Parabola and Postman, I’d recommend reaching out to VideoAsk’s Support Team by joining their free Slack community and messaging them in their #api channel to see what’s possible to do. It appears that their API documentation has a section POST Create a question with a Body Request noting to include the portion "form_id": "{{form_id}}", though it didn’t seem to result in a valid UUID.

It may be that a form_id column is needed to include in your new questions table, in order to POST new questions. So you may first need to make a call to GET Retrieve forms by using their endpoints or{{form_id}} to create a column of these form IDs, to then add into your new questions table for successfully POST Create a question – though I’d check with their Support Team to confirm and continue referencing their API docs to see if we’ve missed anything.

We did test out and connect successfully to their other API endpoints. For example, we were able to create new videos by exporting to their endpoint POST Create a form where a new one was made per row of data. You may be interested in exploring their other API endpoints in Parabola to see what is possible to automate in their service.