Stop API Enrichment Step from hulting after 404 error (Google Books API)


I’m using the API enrichment step to pull in data about my records. I have a list of books with Google Book IDs.

However, Google Books has recently been upgraded and it looks like some of the IDs are now invalid.

When I send an API request with an invalid ID Google Books returns a 404 Not Found error along with some explanatory JSON. However, when this happens parabola stops execution of the step and informs me of the error.

This is not helpful. I need it to execute the whole list (320 records) and show me which rows return 404 errors (by pulling the JSON response into Parabola). Can I do this?

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Hey Nicholas :wave:,

This has been a highly requested feature. Right now, our API enrichment step will error out if an ID is passed that does not match Google Books. Parabola cannot skip over these rows and show them as errors.

Try using a “Pull from an API” step to perform a GET request to search books by title. If the API returns Book IDs, you can use a “Find overlap” step to find non-matching IDs from the API against Book IDs from your original data source.

Feel free to upvote that feature request so we can bring more visibility to the thread!

Hey @nicholas – I know I already tagged you in another thread, but wanted to update this post with a link to our feature announcement for error handling functionality! Really hope you’re a fan of the feature – excited for you to give it a shot.