Share logic across your Flows πŸ”€ Introducing Card Templates!

We’re so excited to be launching Card Templates!

You can now build cards with steps and relevant documentation, and then save them as templates for anyone on your team to use. Card Templates are great for sharing common data sources, re-using parts of Flows, sharing documentation, and keeping Flows up to date across your team. ‍

Read more about Card Templates here!

Some key things about Card Templates:

You can save any card as a Card Template to the sidebar. When a card is saved, you and everyone on your team can find it there and pull it into any Flow.

You can choose whether or not to shared authorized steps on a Card Template (think authorized Google Sheets, Shopify, database steps). This lets you more easily share team logins.

Once you pull in a Card Template to your flow, you are free to make any edits to it that you need. Consider Templates as a jumping off point!

Authors of a Card Template can push new update from any instance of that card. Anyone using that Card Template will be notified in their flow that the Template has been updated so that they can compare the new version to their current version before updating