Format Date & Time to Zulu


I am trying to convert a date into zulu format, however I am having trouble with the am/pm part.
For example, I would like June 4, 2020 - 4:00pm to be converted to 2020-06-04T16:00 however what I am getting is 2020-06-04T04:00.

Is there any way to have the conversion take into account am/pm?

Hi @Ilias_Ettayebi - Date formatting is always a little tricky! It looks like your Old Format and New Format need slight edits.

Try this for Old Format:
MMMM D, YYYY - h:mma

Try this for New Format:

Let me know how that goes!

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Thank you very much @sachi, it worked perfectly!!

I just noticed from the Date Formatter page that HH is for 24 time where as hh is for 12 hour time, which now makes sense!

Thanks again :slight_smile:


No problem! Glad it worked.