Feedback, please! What do you think of our new educational video series?

Hey all! We’ve heard from many of you that you’d like to see more educational videos showing you how to use and get more out of Parabola.

We’ve just launched our first new series on YouTube! It’s a 7-video series, only 11 minutes total, that walks through the different steps you can use to combine data in Parabola.

We’d really appreciate it if you can spend some time watching the new videos. What do you think? Please reply with your constructive feedback. :pray:

We plan to make many more educational videos like this. What do you want to learn? What video do you want to see next?


Awesome! These types of videos are absolutely critical for client retention and lifetime customer value. A video for each feature/tool, starting with the most confusing or commonly used. Then followed by use case videos to stir creativity in how I can use these tools in my business/industry.


Thanks, @Cary_Wan! What you suggest is totally in line with future series already in the works. Stay tuned!

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