Everwebinar & Airtable

Hey guys!

Looking for a way to automate Everwebinar data into an Airtable spreadsheet.

Not Registrants details, got that sorted by Zapier. I’m looking for regular updates on the following numbers:

  • Visitors
  • Registrants
  • Live Attendees
  • Replay Attendees.

(Not seeing these in the api documentation so it might not be possible.)

Everwebinar provides:

Member ID, Webinar ID, Webinar Hash, API Key

There is API documentation here: https://documentation.webinarjam.com/category/everwebinar-api/

I’m quite green when it comes to API’s so any help is appreciated.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hey Keith! Took a look at those docs and it doesn’t seem like they provide any of those numbers, or provide any data that could be used to derive those numbers.

I think your only option is to use Zapier to add each of those entity types to a Google Sheet, and then have the sheet create your aggregations, or use Parabola to pull in that sheet and calculate those numbers.

Hmm yea i think that would only really get me the number of registrants.

All good, appreciate the help!

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