Datasource configs should persist across flows

It is REALLY annoying that i have to re-configure or re-authorise a datasource everytime i create a new flow. Am I doing something wrong?

Is the best approach to this to have a DRAFT flow with a preconfigured set of datasources that I COPY? Why can’t we just register datasources for the organisation and use them in any flow?


Hi @Geoff_Bowers - Thanks for your feedback on this. No, you’re not doing anything wrong. Step authorization is controlled at the flow-level right now. We see some customers use different accounts on different steps on different flows, so controlling at the flow-level is what currently seems to work best. Copy and pasting a pre-authorized step into another flow will still require an intermediary authorization step.

I agree that we can improve on the authorization management experience, though! If you have any ideas on this, please share under the feature request topic!

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Personally, this is one of my favorite Parabola features. When working with others in Integromat or Zapier – if I authorize an app for a workflow they have access to so much more for other things. I love the compartmentalization in Parabola.


Compartmentalisation is great. But if we could register credentialed endpoints like a datasource we could also nominate what level of sharing those registered credentials should have. eg. just to the flow, or to the account, etc.


I certainly agree Geoff that it would be great to have credentials and API settings saved into configurations that can be re-used, or shared across multiple flows or teammates. This one has certainly come up before, and we have internally talked through how to support these use cases.

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Please do something about re-authorizing! This is the single worst thing about Parabola. It’s a huge pain point and takes heavily away from the whole automation aspect, considering how much time I have to spend re-authorizing the workflow just to get it back to where it was.