Create Blank Column

How can I create a Blank Column? I tried Insert Text Column, but I can’t find any way to save it with nothing in the field. I even tried typing in a NBSP.

The reason I want this is I just want the end result Google Sheet to have the same structure of the sheet the data will be pasted into, then they fill in the two blank columns.

One work around I’ve found is to enter a space in the “Column Value” field. I’m not sure if that will cause an issue with your sheet, but it’s one way to get the structure you need.

Hi @Jodie_Miners,

The suggestion that @Brian1 mentioned is definitely the easiest! Thanks for that tip. :raised_hands:

To complete the workaround, I recommend using the Find and replace step to target the inserted character in that column and replace it with a blank value. That should ensure your column is completely blank.

Hope that helps!