Add NOT logic to table combination

  1. Currently the table combiner results are only matches
  2. When comparing Master Inventory CSV with Shopify Inventory, need to be able to have a result that is NOT in Shopify Inventory but IS in Master Inventory CSV. This would be a DIFFERENCE (Feature Request) vs MATCH (Existing)
  3. No Work around. Hard Stop

Hi @Damon_Sauer,

Try using the Find Overlap step. Using this step, you can find a list of items that do not exist in your Master CSV and your Shopify Inventory.

Configure your settings to keep rows from your Master CSV that do not exist in your Shopify Inventory.

You’ll need to find a column with shared values between the lists. In this example, I matched a Title column from the Master CSV file to the Product: Title column from my Shopify Inventory.

Hope that helps!