Redesigned Flows / Builder / and Publish Pages

Hey, everyone!
I’m Ivy, Parabola’s UI/UX designer.

I was super excited to redesign the flows page, canvas, and publish page. The project started out by thinking about some of the existing problems with the pages — different features and settings existed in different places on each of the three pages, and sometimes were duplicated in multiple places on a single page. We also had a design language that wasn’t totally unified and could be jarring as users navigated from one page to the other.

My goal was to make all of the pages look like they belonged together, and to co-locate settings across the pages so they’re always where you expect them to be. I started with an audit of the existing pages — I took screenshots and drew all over them, marking what I liked, what I didn’t, and what I wish we had.

I discussed this drawing with Alex, our CEO, and then created mock ups in Figma (my UI app of choice). First I figured out what kind of content I wanted to preserve/change, and then I started thinking about aesthetic changes. Alex and I discussed these designs, I made edits, and then we looped in engineering and implemented.

Now, I’m happy to say there are consistent interactions and graphics across the app and on the homepage, and hopefully everything is that much more intuitive!


Hi there, don’t know if this is the best place to report an issue but is it possible to go back to the previous design by any chance? I can barely read the text in the credits bar I need to force my eyes and looks like the shadow of the elements are not even rendering correctly :frowning: I used to liked the interface but now it’s being frustrating using this app which is so sad because it’s very useful to do my work.

I already contacted the chat support and haven’t received a solution yet. Thanks for any help!

We can definitely increase the contrast on the “credits used” bar. Thanks for the catch!

The shadows however are rendering as designed.


I really like the new design and thank you for working on that! It loads quickly and is much more consistent.

It appears there is a lot of interest in being able to organize flows into folders. I wonder if something like this

Would be am amicable compromise. If we could drag our flows into accordion groups, that would make it a whole lot easier to organize them by topic, client, or function.