How can i make a validation gate in Parabola?

Hey Hey!

I have a question while building flows that can we make the flow to work only if certain conditions are met?

To be clear, i have this flow.

Parabola catches a hook and expands the JSON. While at here, i want to break it into row and filter only 2 values, namely id and member id. Now i want to proceed further only memberid has a value.

I though if/else would do the job and added to the flow but still figuring out how can i do it.

This is what i have inside if/else👇

I want to stop this flow here and not send it to Webflow if memberid is blank(here i set it as false)

I’m not ssure if this is the right approach to gate the flow. Can anyone help me figure out this?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hey @Mohammed_Zeeshan!

Let me know if I understand what you’re trying to do correctly: you want to only send rows to Webflow that have an ID in the Validation field, and not send if the row contains “false”?

If so, you were on the right track! Just add a “Remove rows” step after the if/else to remove all rows that contain “false” in the Validation column.

This would prevent any blank memberid’s from being sent back to Webflow.

Hope that helps!

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I actually want the flow to proceed forward only if the memberid has a value. If not stop there. So that means if at all other fields are all fine and memberid has no value, still it has to stop.

Hey @Mohammed_Zeeshan, thanks for clarifying. You should still be able to use the Remove rows step in order to: Include all rows in memberid if they are not blank.

That will filter out the memberid's that have no value, and only proceed with the rows that have a value.