Export Order Sales Channel from Shopify

When you export orders from Shopify, you may want to generate reports based on which sales channel the order originated from. This data point can be a bit unintuitive to pull from Shopify through their API (including our native step).

In the Pull from Shopify step, when you pull orders and “Display all columns”, a column is returned called App Id . This column contains the numeric ‘sales channel ID’ of your sales channel. If you have 2 distinct sales channels set up, you will see 2 ID values.

The next step is figuring out which ID matches up to which sales channel, which you can determine in the Shopify Admin dashboard. If you pull up orders from a specific sales channel, in the actual webpage URL, there is a piece of the url that says sales_channel=#####

Once you’re able to match this ID #, you can then replace the number with the name of the sales channel in Parabola. I’d recommend using a Find and Replace step for this – ex) you can ‘find’ cells where the App ID is ###### and replace that value with “Online Store.”

This Shopify community post helped me find this solution. Hopefully this helps – let us know if you have any questions!